Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unpacked and...prepared?

We're not in the old county anymore, guys. No, no, no. We have officially migrated into uncharted territory. A place with grid-locks. A place where you can walk to the store. Where the theme park is just down the lane and tickets are affordable. Where closets are used as pantries and brooms are necessary for quieting neighbors.

Yeah. We're in Orlando.

It's been a while since I've even looked at this site. Not because I don't want to (I swear, I really do love being on here), but there's no real good reason for my absence. Lack of proper time management skills? That could be a definite. Or maybe the fact that I was either too busy out with family or friends to sit down and document the shit I was "accomplishing" (eating, playing, people. Can you accomplish people?) . Either way, I'm here now and I definitely plan on finishing this post.

Did I mention that I wrote one ages ago and planned on relating a story about a toilet frog? I'll probably save that one for later, at this point. When I'm run out of ammo and all I can talk about is scary auditorium classrooms (which might be my biggest fear yet) and lack of proper sleep (which will be a constant issue, I'm sure).

Anyway, my new location is obviously a fresh change. The apartment complex I'm living in is great, my roommates are awesome friends, and the area is so much different than what I'm used to. It'll take time, yeah. Especially for someone that resents change to the point where they might actually attack a poor, defenseless inanimate object. Namely a desk or pillow. Issues we're working on? Eeehhhh.

Schedules are being prepared, engagements arranged, and necessities acquired. And just about every member of my family is downloading Skype so they can see me whenever I'm sitting at this thing. Which will be pretty often, as usual. I'm sure that aspect of my life will remain the same. Which I have absolutely no problem with, trust me.

I love you, internet baby. And all the things you give me. *heartfelt sigh*

So, in closing, classes start tomorrow for the Monday-challenged and leave me with a whole day of preparation. Mentally, emotionally, physically. Getting ready for an insanely sized class, learning the route and trying not to have a mental breakdown halfway through, and slipping into a work-out routine that'll result in tremendous satisfaction.

We're thinkin' track here, people. Thinking. But my plans never seem to go quite the way I want them to, so we'll see where I end up on that particular topic. Maybe passed out in the middle of the street. My luck.

I did already slip in the shower. My tub stickies were the only thing that kept me from braining myself on the faucet. If that's not an indicator of my habits, I'm sure I'll have more to supply you with soon enough.

Closing statements were a few lines up, huh? Whatever. Now I'm leaving. Seriously. Just stop reading, close the tab, and do something else with your life. Right now. Grab a book, maybe. Go outside? Sleep? Eat? I always opt for that last one. Guess this whole new "fit" shit is gonna screw with that. Like I care. I'll eat whatever the hell I--