Saturday, September 29, 2012


Didn't I warn you that school would become a problem with me? If I didn't specifically, I'm letting you all know now. Top that with a new job, insane classwork (and a particular professor), and a few major meltdowns and you basically have my life as of now.

I'm managing, really.

As far as today goes, it's definitely one of my better ones. I ordered a t-shirt from Teefury sometime last week? A little before that? And finally got it in the mail today. I'll post a picture of it down at the bottom, and you'll probably see me scampering around with the thing if you live anywhere near me. (On that last note, I apologize for my behavior. Maturity is my last concern with shit like this.)


Fall is my favorite season, okay? Halloween is my family's FAVORITE holiday, so I've been trying to get all my costume stuff together. Something which, by the way, I won't be mentioning much on here. Not until after the fact, of course. Hint: It'll be friggin' awesome.

Anyway, back to the apples. Today's a kind of personal holiday and I wanted to do something a little special. I love baked apples and had two tucked in the fridge that I figured I could use. Gouging out the cores wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be, actually. I really planned on walking away with one less digit, but I made it out all right. And, instead of following the directions to a T, I tried doing something a little different, but not much.

Now, I didn't measure anything, so I can't really relay much of what I did. I'll try to next time, if I don't change the recipe another million times. I can say, however, that there was cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, syrup, and boiling water involved. I used a recipe online as a base (This WONDERFUL recipe right here) and basically referenced back for ingredients.

If any of you haven't tried baked apples before, making or eating, I seriously encourage you to do so. Unless you're allergic. Or have some personal fear of the things. No judgement. Really.

Anyway, after about  half an hour in the oven, one disappeared into my stomach and hasn't been seen since. The other is cooling as I type this, and will be popped into the fridge for later consumption. I actually love them cold, too. Not as weird as it sounds (it does sound a little weird, right?), trust me.

I'll probably pick another day to rant about classes and homework and go on about how I'm enjoying my new job and meeting new people. This is just a quick update on what's been going on. If I can, I'm going to try and post something twice a week, maybe more. But that's definitely my minimum. I can't keep disappearing on people - not okay. So, I'll just leave you guys with a few pics and then get back to you later!

Mmmmmm, dem honeys.


Now shoo.