Monday, June 18, 2012

Crepe Flipper of the Gods

Does anyone besides myself earn an immense amount of satisfaction by simply flipping something you're cooking in a pan? Is that not one of the joys in life that should be experienced and screamed about on rooftops? If not, I guess I went through today a little strangely and I'm seriously not all that surprised.

Crepes. They're delicious and everyone knows it and I myself had a hankering for them after I reached that part in my current book.So, I looked up the easiest friggin' recipe I could find on my phone's Recipe app and cooked away. I used all the milk we had left, most of the eggs, and made a mess.

But I flipped three crepes.

It was like some serene, out-of-body experience. I'm a little ashamed that that's the highlight of my day, but I'm still too high in cloud 9 to care much. After flipping the first one I immediately called my mother, assuming she was still on break. She wasn't, I felt a little stupid, but told her anyway.

Me: I'm sorry! I just had to tell you...I made crepes. And flipped one.

Mom: Okay.

Me: I flipped! A! Crepe! It didn't splatter on the floor or stove or make a mess! I flipped it like a badass!

Mom: *laughs* Oh, okay. You're crazy. Congratulations. Definitely not as amused as I'd hoped for.

Me: At this point I know she's barely taking me seriously and I'm itching to get back to my new-found talent. I'm gonna go make some more now, and make them later for dinner. Because I can.

And I proceeded to call, text, and tweet about this singular event in my life that seemed like some weird turning point for me. I've always been too terrified to do anything remotely fancy while cooking. I'm more of a "stick to what the recipe says and don't get a swelled head" kind of gal. Hell, that goes for most things I do. Not adventurous, per se. Just ordinary.

Today I said "screw caution" because Julie Powell could manage and maybe I could too, with less satisfying results. And I freakin' OWNED that crepe. And two more after that! After which I posted a picture of my success under the recipe I used and got a compliment or two on my work.

Tonight I'm adding Nutella and hoping I don't botch a perfectly good thing in the world. But I want to try more. So. Much. More.

Shit. It's better than sitting around waiting for these type of mundane skills to fall into my lap. Two months from now I'll be cooking for three other people (and any other person that happens to stroll into the apartment at just such a time ) simply because I know how. Accomplishment? I think so.

*Cue Xbox achievement award sounds in background*


  1. Good job, dollface. You're going to turn into a cooking fool! <3

  2. Dude, I did them again and put Nutella in them. I'm gonna do a different recipe with them tomorrow. OBSESSION ACTIVATED