Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scatterbrained, ladies and gents.

I can currently be found lazing around my computer, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and drinking tea to try and clear up my damn throat. I do not want to get sick for my cousin's graduation party this weekend, because that would friggin' suck. And I do not want to end up dying at the bowling alley later with said cousin because whatever this sickness thing is decided to rear its ugly head at a very inopportune time.

Anyway, besides all that, I'm gonna go rummaging through the house in a few days to get some stuff for my apartment. I already made a list of things I either need or just want, and have checked off a bunch of items that I KNOW are hiding around somewhere. Searching the house means my parents and family feel less inclined to buy me so much stuff and they can save money for legitimately important necessities like bills and milk and processed foods. (not like anyone really needs bills, they just kind of buzz around like wasps and sting you a bunch of times before you throw greenbacks at them and they go away).

I actually have to run down the road to watch Star Wars in a bit with a few friends because we're awesome and enjoy doing things like that. Plus they're the only reason I've watched as much as I have (and part of the reason why I've grown to love it so much, even if I do look things up ahead of time on Wiki because I hate suspense and they yell at me).

Just wanted to check in, because I did say I was going to be active on this thing. Oh! Sketched a few things the other day, too. And I'm eye-deep in Julie & Julia because I am determined to finish this book once and for all. Even if it makes me want to run to the store and buy some shit to make an awesome meal. Which I might do if my job picks back up.

And I'm outta here before the rain starts again. Stay dry, sweet-tarts.

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